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Fiducial alignment on Juki

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Fiducial alignment on Juki | 18 December, 2014


I don't have any experience with Juki. Visited one of their booth recently and I was told they use a laser for alignment.

How does this work? Is there any advantage over the traditional vision alignment?


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Fiducial alignment on Juki | 19 December, 2014

I had some of these before and they do a decent job. Laser alignment is ok for passive components. Compared to vision systems it has mainly disadvantages. If you have bended lead on IC for example, it wouldn;t catch it and it will place the part. I would recommend you to have a machine with vision in you Juki line(Juki might offer it as an option too)for your IC parts.

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Fiducial alignment on Juki | 21 December, 2014

Since the Laser alignment bit is attached to the head and you don't have to move the part to a camera location, before placing the component on the board it is about the fastest method there is of getting accurate component alignment. With more modern vision /camera's on the head the advantage has probably decreased.

regards sarason

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