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PCB Design | 6 January, 2015

What is perfect tools for PCB Design?

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PCB Design | 6 January, 2015

The one you know how to use, and that you can afford.

I'm not sure that there's anything that is perfect. Some people like to use free EDA tools, some prefer to use tools that cost over $10k.

The one that you know how to use, that suits your purposes will be the perfect one for you.

cheers, ..rob

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PCB Design | 15 July, 2015

Wouldn't say there is a perfect tool for PCB design as it depends how much you have available to spend. Here's a list of different PCB design software, some of which are free and some come at a cost:-

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PCB Design | 18 July, 2015

Hi Richard, I'm David from Elecrow. What I used to design PCB is Eagle. If you also used eagle to design PCB, Maybe I can help something:D


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PCB Design | 12 August, 2015

Did you try finding out different tools from eBay or amazon?

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PCB Design | 12 October, 2015

Over the past month or two I have had more than a few moments where I wanted to have a few PCB's designed.

One example is a 1U PCIe x4 or x8 to NGFF adapter. I cannot find one anywhere. It would be awesome if you could turn a short depth 1U into a 2x 3.5" + 4x NGFF 512GB+ PCIe SSD storage chassis.

Are there any places that specialize in simple designs like this?

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PCB Design | 13 October, 2015

Most powerfull tool for PCB design - it's your brain, Richard. All others - just a auxiliary instruments. I have assembled a good project, which was designed in Paint (yes, I mean Microsoft Paint!), and, also, I have many examples of bad projects, which was designed in Mentor, Altium, PCB Expedition and others good and expencive CADs.

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PCB Design | 3 November, 2015

"The best PCB Layout tool is PowerPCB, it is very good and i am new in PCB design,i worked with pulsonix, eagle & ultiboard."

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PCB Design | 13 January, 2016

My job is manufacture the custom PCB boards, as I know, most of our customers use Eagle. It's really common use. You can dig internet for more information about this tool. Or you can try frizing, EASYPC,KICAD or other tools. You can check which one is best for you. Once you are ready to make the boards for prototype, maybe PCBgogo( can help you. It's an amazing PCB manufacturer in China. Hope this makes sense. Of course, if you have other questions, it would be my pleasure to help to work it out. Good luck

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PCB Design | 13 January, 2016

Hi Brother,

My Boy Friend is a engineer designer,he often use pads and Altium_Designer.

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PCB Design | 14 January, 2016

Hi There ,

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PCB Design | 2 August, 2016

I would recommend Diptrace, Eagle and Altium Designer.

Choose one of them or try three of them, according to your specific requirement.

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