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Moisture sensitivity

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Moisture sensitivity | 13 January, 2015

As we here are realizing that the list of MSL-3 and higher is much longer than we thought:

1)Component Datasheets do not necessarily state MSL rating. 2)Component manufacturers seem to make it difficult for its users (the folks who buy their product) to find the MSL rating of their device(s). 3)Even components received sometimes do not state MSL rating.

Is there a concise list of components/package types that are typically moisture sensitive?

Any info or comments are appreciated. I have downloaded (and read) JSTD's 033C and 020.


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Moisture sensitivity | 14 January, 2015

MSL rating is not tied to a specific package type/size. I have seen 2 components (ICs) have the same physical package but one was MSL-3 while the other was MSL-5.

From my experience, while component manufacturers are not consistent as to where they list MSL ratings, they will list it somewhere if it is greater than level 1.

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