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Dage XD6600

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Dage XD6600 | 16 January, 2015

I was wondering if anyone out there had the re-install discs for a Dage Nordson XD6600 X-Ray system and would be able to image them and send along; the unit is no longer supported by Dage and my discs are MIA.

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Dage XD6600 | 19 January, 2015

Have you tried to open the side panel of the machine. Mine were there in a blue box, but my model is different 7600.

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Dage XD6600 | 20 January, 2015

I have.. nothing :(

I think they were lost/disposed of during a move; the hard drive died so we are dead in the water so to speak without the restore discs.

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Dage XD6600 | 22 January, 2015

I was able to locate the required files -- thank you all!

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