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Leadfree Rework

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Leadfree Rework | 29 January, 2015

Dear All,

What is the best temprature for the rework of the leadfree components for 0402, 0603, and bigger components?

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Leadfree Rework | 29 January, 2015

In general, it depends on what you're working on. Boards with a higher thermal profile might require higher temps.

But...the usual answer is...set your irons to the lowest temperature possible that still achieves the goal.

We usually keep our irons between 685 and 705 degrees.

Cheers, ..rob

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Leadfree Rework | 29 January, 2015

We use tips I think they are like 725F. So the rework is probably mid 600's and up to 725 max. Can't say if that's "the best" but we do a lot of ROHS and that's we we do with good results.

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Leadfree Rework | 30 January, 2015

And there is always the argument of "get in and out quick", which is possible with high tip temps. I prefer to use a really hot iron, and do it quickly, rather than a lower temps and keep the tipi on the bit till it melts the solder.

If you have a PCB with a big ground plane, it can be worth heating the whole board using an IR station, or something similar first, as this makes it easier to rework.

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