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stencil/printing machines for solder paste

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 10 February, 2015

low volume high mix, looking for advice on what i should get, a stencil machine or a jet printer for smt solder paste. used/new and companies i should look into?

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 11 February, 2015

There isn't going to be much worthwhile used equipment out there if you mean true jetting - it is a pretty recent process. There are lots of used stencil printers out there, so from an up-front cost perspective, stencil wins.

Jetting is slow. A high end jet printer might quote a million dots per second, which seems like a lot. But most to all of your pads will require multiple dots. A board we run in some quantity has 5000 paste apertures per side. If you figure on average each aperture will require 8 dots, that is 40,000 dots per board. So at best 25 boards per hour.

But wait, there's more! Just like you'll never hit the "rated" speed of a pick and place machine because real boards aren't infinitely simple and infinitely small, so too a jet printer. For a real world case, knock that number down by 50% to account for board transport, alignment, clamping, moving between components and the like. So 13 boards per hour. Now add inspection. 8?

With a high end machine, my cycle time with jetting would be seven minutes or so for this board.

But that doesn't matter if the printer isn't the bottleneck. This same board has 1500 components on it. So if my real pick and place capacity is less than 13,000 parts per hour, jetting does no harm from a throughput standpoint.

Printers run pretty much all the time, whereas pick and place needs replenishment and tweaking. So to get to a real 13,000 parts per hour, figure you need to be able to do a real 20,000 parts per hour when the machine is running the boards. A real 20,000 parts per hour takes a machine rated 30k to 40k, depending on the board and machine. If your line is rated this much or more, jetting WILL slow you down. But low volume high mix suggests to me that it isn't.

The upside to jetting, of course, is no stencils. On the low end, that means faster turnaround time, faster setup and less storage. Also no stencil cost.

If you run some sort of automated prototyping line with a standard component database, jet printing would be wonderful. If you have package on package issues or very small and very large parts, jetting makes a ton of sense to augment post stencil print. As your only printer for general purpose use, though? No thanks.

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 11 February, 2015

I knew jet printers where slower but I not that much slower. Right now I have a old Speedline Tech that Im looking to replace. Since Im new to this industry, Im cloudy on which companies make a good quality machine. I have a mydata pick and place, so natural I noticed the my500 jet printer.

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 11 February, 2015

If you are just prototyping, I would probably go with the Jet printer(I think the paste cartridges are very expensive). If you have some casual runs I would use a stencil printer. Actually I would like to have them both - tweak the paste amount with the Jet and then cut the right stencil ;)

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 11 February, 2015

I do a lot of prototyping, but I also do production boards. I produce 2000-5000 boards a month for an in house smt process. I feel this will increase do to the fact that our engineers are designing more with surface mount rather than through hole. So looking at it in that view, speed is something I would direct myself to. Now I also have a fare amount of solder paste waste, is this normal for a screen printer?

Both would be nice, but I may get fired if I suggest that..haha

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 11 February, 2015

I can buy approx 1000 stencils (cost includes next day delivery) for the price of a MY500. With a stencil, I can use WS paste and any other paste for that matter. The MY500 only jets certain paste from specific manufacturers.

It is VERY VERY rare that we cannot get the proper solder volume with a stencil (the first time) and we have over 2000 active SMT assemblies.

The MY500 is a great idea but I just cannot understand how it could be cost effective in any arena at this point.

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 11 February, 2015

Any one screen printer manufacture stand out over others? We are also 100% lead free, I use Kester solder paste. Is this a good brand compared to other brands?

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 12 February, 2015

Just my opinion:

Stencil printers: 1. DEK 2. MPM 3. .....

Solder paste:

1. AIM 2. Alpha 3. Indium .....Kester

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 13 February, 2015

Yes, Kester it's a very good brand in solder materials. I use Kester solder paste and cored wire 10 years - and I naven't any problems.

About screen printers - check information about SJ Inno Tech equipment. This is South Korea brand, I have a 4 printers (first machine was bought in 2008) - and it was a good choice. During this years I changed only LED lamps inside of printer (it's a lamp just for illumination inside of printer). Real 2D or 3D SPI include into printer software - and it works!.

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 16 February, 2015

Hi Sir, I would like advice for you SJ INNOTECH Screen printer Please reffer website : Many thanks for your information

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 17 February, 2015

DEK Horizon APix stencil printer, opinions? advantages / disadvantages?

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 25 February, 2015

Hi Marshall Bartel, SJ INNOTECH Printer is Best solution & Service for you ! HP-520S/HP-620S/HP-760S/HP-1000S Printing (±0.0125mm) Repeatability (±0.01mm) 0.3 Pitch QFP, 0402 Chip, Ø0.2 MBGA Speed/pressure control by printing section (5 sections) Various PCB Clamping by PCB type Various Auto Under Stencil Cleaning Improved lead-release utilizing the multistage sheet separation method Convenient to change the stencil size with the LM Guide Array PCB Inspection Load-cell control for precise pressure control The optimum solution for total-number in-line inspection Convenient interface for model change

Detail please Refer Website :∏uct_idx=15&feature_idx=125

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 12 June, 2015

Marshall, have you made a decision on the printer? We are also pondering this question.

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stencil/printing machines for solder paste | 8 July, 2015

I'd also be interested in seeing what the OP went for too.

We're thinking of upgrading our MPM3000 series. Has served us well over the years but is a bit dated to say the least.

Not heard much about the SJ Inno. machines here in the UK.

Would probably go for a second user Dek or MPM machine as first choice.

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