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AVR80 BA conformal coating

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AVR80 BA conformal coating | 4 March, 2015

Hi All;

Anybody here have experience in AVR80 BA DS65 CC process? I have an issue with the curing process at 28 degC RT. Can somebody recommend how to accelarate the curing without IR oven?


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AVR80 BA conformal coating | 4 March, 2015

I haven't used this particular CC, but...found this in their data sheet:

"AVR 80 BA Conformal Coating will be touch dry after 15 - 20 minutes at room temperature and does not require a thermal cure. The full properties of the coating will be obtained after a 24 hours at room temperature. This can be accelerated by the use of a thermal cure of 2 hours at 60°C. Heat operation will increase adhesion."

What kind of issues are you having curing at 28*C?

Cheers, ..rob

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AVR80 BA conformal coating | 4 March, 2015

Hi first DS65 version is a specific dilution for dispensing machine, in this case the typical process is following: application of the conformal coating extraction of solvent (low extraction power is better)2minutes and drying the drying can be done at room temperature, then it will take 15-20mn for a touch dry and in any case 24 hours for a complete curing if after extraction you need to accelerate the process you can put the pcb is a well ventilated oven for 8 minutes at 60°C maximum

I hope it will help you or contact me JPierre DOUCHY from abchimie

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