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Mydata magazine repair

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Mydata magazine repair | 17 March, 2015

Hi everyone. I hope someone or many someones can offer guidance. I have many magazines that have various problems. (Not feeding and/or not pulling tape on some slots) Does anyone have any information for repairing or troubleshooting these? It seems like the electronics of them work correctly. I think most issues are mechanical. I have one magazine that has a feeder spot that appears to be frozen, but the other slots work fine for a while until the magazine stalls. If the electronics are bad, I will send to Mydata for repair, but I think I should be able to fix mechanical failures. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

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Mydata magazine repair | 17 March, 2015

What model of magazine are they? Are they the older black "TM" magazines or the newer "M" or "LM" models?

On "TM" magazines, if the upper tape collecting reels are not turning for every slot in the magazine, the belt that drives the tape collection system is likely broke. You can replace that yourself but the only place I know to get the proper belt is from Mydata (now Mycronic).

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Mydata magazine repair | 17 March, 2015

They are the older TM type. The belts are whole and rollers move, it just doesn't move enough to pull the tape reliably. Thanks.

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Mydata magazine repair | 17 March, 2015

Couple things:

If the rubber roller that touches the take up wheels is worn you can adjust it. The axle is on an eccentric.

Make sure the "teddy bear faces" that adjust the pick point are not grossly different from the left to right sides of the magazine.

Take your finger and rotate the advancing wheel drive pulley until the axle is at its lowest position. (you will see it move up and down as you rotate the pulley) There is a timing wheel with a slot in it attached to the motor. The slot has to be in between the sensor with the axle sitting at its lowest position.

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Mydata magazine repair | 17 March, 2015

In UK/Europe AdoptSMT have a range of MyData feeder bits and a reconditioning service I d believe.

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Mydata magazine repair | 18 March, 2015

You'll want to double check the electronics in the magazines, as well as the mechanicals. Over time, the connectors can come loose, and could affect performance. I'm thinking of the "dead" feeder that you mentioned, while the rest of the feeders work.

Clean up the gold fingers, as well. Make sure the failure is in multiple slots on the machine, too, as there could be a problem with the machine side connector/bus.

If all else fails, check with Lewis and Clark if you're in the States. They're about the best resource for fixing those old feeders, if you can't get any love out of MyData/Micronics.


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Mydata magazine repair | 19 March, 2015

We used to send our TM Magazines back to MYDATA (Micronic) for refurbishment. They turned them around pretty quickly.

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