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Samsung CP45 SSA Import

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Samsung CP45 SSA Import | 1 April, 2015

Hello, I have a question/request for information on the Samsung .SSA format.

I have written a utility that automatically takes our board information (from our MRP) and generates an .SSA file. It works well except for the fact that I cannot get our CP45 to import 3 board fiducials. It will import 2 fiducials no problem, but not 3. At one time, I did have this working but I seem to recal the .SSA format changing between the Cp40/45 perhaps.

I would just run with two fiducials (and often do), but I have seen that some boards really need that third fiducial to be spot on. For those we just do it manually, but it seems silly not to have our automated tools just do this for us.

I have tried setting up three fiducials on the machine and exporting to see the format, but the CP45 only exports two. I'm sure there is something simple I'm overlooking and ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Can someone please email me one of their .SSA files that has three fiducials in it? Or for that matter, email any .SSA file so I can look at it's format in general and compare to mine. Once I figure out the problem, I'll be sure and post the results back to the group for anyone else coming along in the future. Also feel free to post any knowledgeable tips about importing .SSA files to this thread so we can get a discussion going.

Thanks in advance.

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Samsung CP45 SSA Import | 1 April, 2015

Oh, I forgot to add a sample of what my export looks like. Note: that I don't have anything in the VERSION block & I wonder if this might be a problem.



Unit System = MILIMETER

Coordinate = LOWER RIGHT

Rotation = 0

Placement Origin = ,0.0000,6.3500

Fiducial = CIRCLE, 276.2250, -3.1750, 3.1750, -3.1750

Accept Mark = NONE, 0, 0

Bad Mark = WHITE, 0, 0


Board Name = Pcb_Name

PCB Size = 279.400, 203.700 ,1.575

Array = 22, 5, LOWER RIGHT, X

Array Offset = 12.700, 38.100


"C2" 8.3820 8.5090 0.000 180 NONE 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 2 0 "698-1062" "" ""

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Samsung CP45 SSA Import | 17 April, 2015

Dear Superlen,

I noticed this post maybe a little late, but I seem to recall an email conversation with a user that mentioned a bug in my SSA format in PCBSynergy.

So I checked back through my source and here is an example of the first part of the format

[VERSION] Version = 1.10 Name = madeIRRIGProtoAT28 ID = 0

[PCB] Unit System = MILIMETER Coordinate = LOWER LEFT Rotation = 0 Placement Origin = 0.00,0.00 Fiducial = CIRCLE,111.94,119.00,26.62,4.19 Accept Mark = NONE, 0, 0 Bad Mark = NONE, 0, 0

[BOARD] Board Name = PCBSynergy_Samsung_SSA PCB Size = 109.22,130.00,1.00 Array = 2,2,LOWER RIGHT Array Offset = 0.000,0.000

[FIDUCIAL] 1 CIRCLE,111.94,119.00 2 CIRCLE,26.62,4.19

You will note that there are 2 places for the fiducial marks try adding an extra circle at the point in the file marked [FIDUCIAL]

My program is yet to have the third fiducial mark added consistently all the way through the program.

Also note that the Smtnet Message editing program clobbered the CR's.

regards sarason

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Samsung CP45 SSA Import | 17 April, 2015


Thanks for the info. No worries on a slow response. There aren't many Samsung Users that frequent here I don't believe, so I knew this was a long term approach to gathering data. (Any samsung users feel free to just hop on this thread to say HI!)

I noted the multiple formats of Fiducial information in the .SSA. My old program mimiced the .SSA output as generated by Samsungs offline software & I believe it worked better. I've since lost access to that program, so the new one I wrote mimics the format as spit out by the actual CP45. I believe this format is more basic and doesn't support the third fiducial. Again, a request for anyone reading along that has the Samsung offline software. If they would generate a SSA with three fiducials and post here or email me, that would be greatly appreciated.


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