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Dye And Pry on WLP package BGAs

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Dye And Pry on WLP package BGAs | 6 April, 2015

Hi all!

I work in FA Lab on Brazil.

Recently we had a problem with a dye pry analysis of BGA component due to breakage of WLP package (wafer level packaging). In this case, WLP thickness is about 0.28mm and was damaged during pullout process.

Our method of pullout is using screw and I think that is very aggressive in this case,

Do you have some method that would be better in this case? or equipament that you could sugest to make this type of analysis.

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Dye And Pry on WLP package BGAs | 7 April, 2015

Try a beer can opener, like thi:|mkwid|hO7SUdcT|pcrid|48649850930|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|&gclid=CN_msJXu5MQCFdgUgQodXlEAyQ

I have no affiliation with or receive compensation from the company in the above link, although I will admit to having used such a device for opening cans containing adult beverages once or maybe twice.

I've heard people speak of using screw drivers for device removal. A well stocked tool box provides freedom to make a mess of things in holey new ways.

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