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Juki IFS ?

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Juki IFS ? | 13 April, 2015

Is anyone out there using Juki IFS on a daily basis ? Please share your opinion.

Thanks in advance

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Juki IFS ? | 21 April, 2015

Nobody ?

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Juki IFS ? | 15 May, 2015

As far as I know is pretty basic and only matches IPN to a feeder , does not offer serialisation of actual parts. For trace this is not accurate ie trace a btach to a work order to couple of PCB not possible.

This may have changed in latest JUKI offering but work checking. Like all the vendor softwares they tend to do minimum, and cover only smt area.

A better more flexible factory wide scalable solution would be look at Valor MSS etc they can offer same basic offer as IPS with more bells and logically serialise your materials at incoming goods.

This allows better traceability as well as feeder verification

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Juki IFS ? | 18 May, 2015

Hi Josh, Yes I am aware of what it does. We have it but have not turned it on yet.

We are looking at a factory wide solution for traceability.

I was just curious as to whether or not anyone has actually deployed the IFS.

Thanks for the response

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