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Aegis Factory Logix

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Aegis Factory Logix | 8 May, 2015

Feedback regarding Factory Logix NPI. This software is not as refined. The importing function for ODB++ files (typically the best CAD source files for creating programs and documentation) ignores vital elements for complete and accurate documentation, the input parser ignores the graphic outlines of components ( something the previous CircuitCam did well) wonders why they dropped this function. in order to resolve this issue, a painstaking time consuming task of re-drawing the graphics with less that adept graphic tools.

There are many deficiencies with this software. Companies looking to acquire this sort of SW should look at Siemens Unicam FX. is a much better tool for creating working assembly documents.

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Aegis Factory Logix | 15 May, 2015

I think Valor MSS is best in market solution, ODB++ no issue and has documentation, coupled if can afford VPL part packages offers very accurate images of PCB in docs

Siemens UnifcamFX is not bad but dated in functionality scope. Valor MSS Process Preparation is a better choice if want cover more of your NPI engineering needs not just documentation.

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Aegis Factory Logix | 19 May, 2015


From experience of our customers, I can sum that Factory Logix NPI is so convenient and difficult to implement. Also, it is not optimized for each plant and have a lot of bugs. Therefore, I do not really recommend it.

In addition, we got to meet with Siemens Unicam FX. This is perfect tool. It's a bit more expensive but gives a comprehensive response. This tool has undergone several permutations and contains a lot of good options.

As also mentioned, Valor MSS is theoretically a nice tool, but there are many restrictions in its operation and make many adjustments, some of which will cost a lot of money. Our customers told us that the tool does work, but makes it difficult to process. That is, in some cases you'll have to modify processes to fit the tool that brings their objections within the plant and many delays in production.

Tools, listed here, are great tools. There are many other small tools that can provide a solution. I recommend you check them but it depends on your need.

You are also welcome to visit our website and read about our solutions:

Best Regards, Alexei

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Aegis Factory Logix | 22 May, 2015

Siemens FX may have some good parts in MES part but front end and NPI tools are much more limited to what Valor MSS offers... As total package end to end Valor MSS can provide full scope.

Siemens has not put much R&D and enhancements in front end 'Unicam FX" or 'Fabmaster' parts mainly pumped money into MES part only.

I think your comments might be a bit dated on Valor MSS having to make adjustments ? All MES systems need adjustments and some custom work if involves legacy machines and data connects that have no easy support out of box.

Modifying Process to fit tool happens with all systems to some degree. Going from no system to a system involves some change in internal behavior, change.

At end day Valor MSS is the only provider growing in function and capability that over all is leading system available, covering all points of value not just some.

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Aegis Factory Logix | 25 May, 2015


As we found, Valor have a best NPI tools but other parts are limited and is not completed. Also, Valor was a single solution for NPI about 10-15 years ago, but today you can find NPI tools from China, Europe, USA and other that can do the same as good NPI as Valor tool. By the way, the best one is from China. As I suggest, you can find small cheap tools that can do the work. Also, you can combine modules from Siemens FX and Valor MSS but it will be expensive.

Best Regards, Alexei

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Aegis Factory Logix | 27 May, 2015

I agree. Factory logix is very buggy and their previous version did a much better job.

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Aegis Factory Logix | 11 June, 2015

Valor MSS NPI is far more powerful than all the lower cost solutions, I had customer assess all their lower cost solutions and found no real added value, if want more than just SMT programming. NPI needs Stencil Optimisation , DFM analysis, DFT engineering and other value add....SMT is just one Part. Valor MSS Process Prep is not that expensive if properly, and correct context is applied to ROI and what is delivered

I have not seen and NPI tool cover the breath and function of Valor MSS NPI and Valor MSS Process Preparation in terms of NPI

The China one if I think the one is what you mention is a rip off copy of Valor, again had a client check this and capability was not there....was all on paper and no real deliverable.

Cost is always a issue I understand but software tools that will be around in long term need to price them for value delivered. Smaller companies will always offer lower cost but there is always a mid to long term risk.

Ie get what you pay for....

Valor MSS MES solutions are working and function with many clients globally using every day.

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