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Metcal VPI1000

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Metcal VPI1000 | 9 May, 2015

Hi, I've bought a camera for video inspection ,Metcal VPI 1000 model. Price was reasonable. Unfortunately the light and video control box was missing. Now the light I can easily fix but I have no idea about the video part, I do not know the tasks for each pin from the DB15 controler. I've opened the connector but the wire are covered with silicone and the connections hard to identify.The camera is the enclosed type and in order to reach inside the whole optical part should be dismantled. Up to this last solution I look for some schematics about how this camera could be adapted to a monitor. Does anyone have any idea about this issue? The power supply for the camera is done trough the DB15 connector. I suppose that the pinout is not standard. I do not know what the supply voltage should be. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Metcal VPI1000 | 14 May, 2015

Hi, I've tried to dismantle the camera to identify the links to the DB15 socket. I got stocked to the point where there are no other screws or safety locks or other obstacles to the camera's PCB. If anyone had a previous experience please enlighten me , because I do not want to break something to the optics. Thanks very much. Costas PS, I have photo but I can't upload

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