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Ekra E4 transport problems

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Ekra E4 transport problems | 11 June, 2015

I have an Ekra E4 stencil machine. When I transport a pcb into the machine. It will stop in the machine about 3-4 inches from the opening and go through the clamping procedure, like the machine went through the transporting correctly. It does this randomly and driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ekra E4 transport problems | 12 June, 2015

Check to insure that cut outs in the PCB is not triggering the board sensor on the input of the unit. We had a few boards where the cutout in the board was seen as the end of the board and it would stop several inches from the board stop. We ended up making a small bracket to move the board sensor a little deeper into the machine.

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