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Ekra X5 setup

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Ekra X5 setup | 12 June, 2015

We purchased an Ekra X5 at auction a while back to replace our semi-automatic stencil printer. We bought it knowing the following: it was running when removed, it had no manuals, screen or keypad (as I've seen on other ones). I'm trying to put together a plan for testing this machine prior to deciding whether or not it's going to be usable for us. Does anyone have a manual? It was manufactured in 2003, if that helps.

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Ekra X5 setup | 19 June, 2015

I have a Ekra system manual titled "XPRT 5 Inline automatic screen printer". If you think that this is what you are after, send me your email address and I will send it to you.

Best Regards

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Ekra X5 setup | 15 November, 2015

Hello I've been in the same situation, need instruction manual to operate it.

I've already sent you an email.

Thank you, Weerasak

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Ekra X5 setup | 25 March, 2016

hello, if u still have the manuals for this printer i would really appreciate a copy, thanks!

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Ekra X5 setup | 28 March, 2016

Send me your email address and I will forward you the manual.

Best Regards

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Ekra X5 setup | 25 May, 2016

Sir i also need manual of the ekra printer. i send you a email. thank you..

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Ekra X5 setup | 31 May, 2016

I'm looking for a clone of an ekra x5 hard drive...we are willing to provide the hard drive and compensation for your time. ekra want us to upgrade the hardware to work with their latest software... they no longer offer the older version of software. shoot me an email if your interested

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