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mpm up 3000 ultraflex

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mpm up 3000 ultraflex | 12 June, 2015

i have a up 3000 ultraflex. the lower half of the tactile sensor is stuck down. i have replaced the driver board, check wire down to drive board,check the fuse for power on the driver board.

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mpm up 3000 ultraflex | 13 June, 2015

The problem could be the tactile motor, we have it in stock. Please contact and request a quote for part number CA-399.

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mpm up 3000 ultraflex | 2 July, 2015

Just to clarify, you are talking about the inner black box not driving down and not the pneumatic function that brings the tactile assembly closer to the stencil? Sometimes the pneumatic shafts get slightly bent and the assembly will not retract. This happens when the tactile assy. in jogged into the stencil frame. If the tactile motor is suspected then the small motor might have driven it's spline shaft to far upwards (full range is about 0.6")and jammed at the end of it's travel and then can't move. If the motor is weak it needs to be replaced. But sometimes if it can be worked loose the only problem is that the home sensor for the axis is faulty or the flag got pushed up to far so the axis doesn't home before it's end of travel. I hope you used a tactile drive card as it is the one driver card that is different in the machine; 650ma verses the standard 5amp cards. Good luck!

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