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Which AOI would you recommend?

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Which AOI would you recommend? | 23 June, 2015

I am thinking of having a new AOI for my SMT line. I'm considering Mirtec or Koh Young, but I have heard some issues with them. I was in SMT Hybrid Packaging in Germany and Parmi's AOI looked impressive.

Does anyone know Parmi?

or would you recommend any system?

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Which AOI would you recommend? | 24 June, 2015

Hello Shim,

You may want to consider reading this thread on the forum.

I am a bit biased as I own MIRTEC here in the US, but we would be more than happy to demonstrate the full capabilities of our AOI equipment to you and your colleagues. We have several MIRTEC machines to choose from, so the first step would be a thorough discussion of your requirements to determine which MIRTEC machine would be best suited for your particular inspection application.

Please feel free to contact our organization directly for a detailed demonstration. I believe you will be very pleased.

Thank you,

Brian D'Amico President

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Which AOI would you recommend? | 30 June, 2015


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Which AOI would you recommend? | 30 June, 2015

Hello Shim,

CyberOptics offers a complete range of 2D and 3D AOI systems to suit a wide spectrum of applications. You can find out more about our inspection solutions at

Please feel free to contact our Sales team or distributors in your region so that we can understand your requirements and recommend the best solution.


Mallika Ramakrishna (CyberOptics Marketing)

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Which AOI would you recommend? | 24 July, 2015

Parmi & yestech are great machines, Mirec is pretty good too,,, But I've had software and support issues with them in the past.. very painful to work through software issues/upgrades with.

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Which AOI would you recommend? | 28 July, 2015

Bottom Line no matter which machine you pick make sure you have a dedicated programmer that is completely trained on the machine you choose. Every machine has its strong and weak points it is the understanding of how the machine functions and how to use it that are the key. I have been using AOI systems in Auto motive and Electronics since 1999 and still today I have realized that there are no Bad AOI systems just people that do not completely understand them.

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Which AOI would you recommend? | 29 July, 2015

Hello, there are several great machines you can choose from. I would recommend making a benchmark, if you can. You chose 4 machines that meet you requirements (mostly prize range) and make them program and debug one of your products. After that inspect 30 panels with each machine to determine false call rate. Then you can put a fail panel in each to see if there are any escapes. These are just some basics you can follow. I have experience with Omron - you should maybe consider them as well, very stable machine. There new one seems quite nice. I also worked with Landrex - I am with mixed feelings - some times I love it how many defects I can find with so few checks, but sometimes it pisses me of with its stupid fiducial algorithm. If you need some more info, you can contact me anytime.

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Which AOI would you recommend? | 30 July, 2015

There are several big competitors out in the field. Since a few years 3D AOI is getting more and more populair. The reliability is much higher compared to comparing grey scales (pixels) with one another. Measuring the height, length and width of a component is much better in every way. Although, some companies do advertise their products as 3D, there are only a few (big ones) that are actually full 3D. Some have 3D as an option.

If, through other means, you can tackle a lot of your errors, there's no need for an expensive machine. In our company, we have a variety of issues; polarity, wrong component, no solder, upside downs, shorts, missing components, etc. etc. etc. We prefer the best of the best AOI machine, if...there was such a thing. Every machine has it's flaws, it's no different with an AOI machine. We have the Koh Young Zenith which seems to do the job quite well, to a certain degree. (the flaws again) We can discover many more mistakes compared to the AOI we used before. Due to privacy reasons I can't name the former.

If you're a high volume low mix company, Koh Young's Zenith is certainly a very reliable one. Even with high mix and low volume, like we have, it is stable enough to do it's job. Programming is quite easy, depending on the way you set up your library. If you have an internal library it can work even better to program faster. But yet again, it depends on what you want to inspect. We bought the Koh Young and use every aspect of it. There are companies who bought the machine and turned off a lot of functionalities.

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