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Tyco MEP-6T which tools?

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Tyco MEP-6T which tools? | 13 July, 2015

i am looking to buy a Press-fit machine and was wondering if the foolowing tools work with the Tyco MEP-6T press is a good choice?

molex: insertion:62202-9940 extraction:62203-0150

molex: insertion:62202-9780 extraction: 62202-9790


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Tyco MEP-6T which tools? | 24 July, 2015

If you are buying this tooling, you need to ask yourself if you really need the OEM tooling. While it is definately required for come delicate and complex connectors, for a machine like the 6T, 95% of the time you can get away with a metal block. you just need to make sure it fits onto the part in such away to apply the force to the correct point on the connector and program the machine right. If you are looking at the 62202-9780 tool, you are doing Molex SFP cages. I put in hundereds of these a month with a simple flat block of aluminum.

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