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0201 mounting capability

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0201 mounting capability | 13 August, 2015

hi, currently we have Fuji CP8 and XP242 machine for pick and place. as now, most of the customers are going for the 0201 components, so i would like to know does the CP8 has the capability to mount 0201. because, i had run 1 model that has 0201 parts and seem it takes a lot of fine tuning to ensure no tombstone or missing of 0201. any ideas to improve the 0201 placements are welcomes.


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0201 mounting capability | 14 August, 2015

Yes your CP8 should place these flawlessly. I would calibrate the machine and check your nozzles. We have some CP7's and they rock. We use a .4 nozzle for the 0201's with no problem. Always check your program, feeder, nozzles, and nozzle check before running. Also, to see what is going on start with a TEST, before running it through production mode.

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0201 mounting capability | 20 August, 2015

A few other items that will help. Make sure your PCB has good support inside the CP8 and always make sure your paste registration is dead nuts.

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