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step stencil design

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step stencil design | 21 August, 2015

Looking for better design information than is contained in IPC 7525A. Specifically the minimum trough width and length of the step to achieve the necessary paste reduction.

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step stencil design | 22 August, 2015

Comments are:

* Read “Challenges for Step Stencil Printing” [Carmina Lantzsch, Georg Kleemann, LaserJob GmbH]

* I want to say that IPC7525B [Oct 2011] improved the discussion of cavity printing over IPC7525A [Feb 2007]

BR ... davef

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step stencil design | 27 August, 2015

I have that article. While some of the information is helpful, there is no direction as to the length and width of the step to achieve blade deflection to reduce paste.

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