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Video Recording for Reflow

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Video Recording for Reflow | 27 August, 2015


Do You have any experience with Device/Equipment that could make video recording inside inline reflow oven located after soldering PCB? I am facing with random problem with dropped parts inside reflow oven and I would like to see what is going on inside. Probably some support chain or edge conveyor makes random movements that generate vibration. If You know any equipment and could recommend me that will be great.

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Video Recording for Reflow | 27 August, 2015


Don't know your reflow brand, but try to decrease the blower possible that air blow out the componets!

For vibration, chain related issue, etc open your hood and start the oven in colder recipe with pcb inside! ( put the service key on place for hood )! What is your pin size from the chain ( 3-5mm)? You have some components next to technical edge of the pcb ( 3-5 mm? )

Do not complicate with camera record, etc!

Good luck!

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Video Recording for Reflow | 27 August, 2015

From your description I am assuming you are doing double sided reflow and parts are dropping off the bottom side when the board is run through the reflow oven the second time. A few ideas to try:

1) Are the parts that are dropping off heavier parts, such as big surface mount electrolytic caps? You can glue the heavier parts when they are run the first time through the oven. You can also reverse which side of the board is run first so that the side with the heavier parts is run second, which puts the heavier parts on the top of the board.

2) During the second pass of double sided reflow, the solder on the bottom side usually gets above the liquidous melting point. Above that point it is the surface tension of the melted solder that is holing the parts onto the bottom side. We have developed reflow oven settings such that the bottom heat is set lower than the top heat in our 2 hottest reflow zones where the solder is run up above the melting point. This has the effect of reducing the amount of time the bottom side solder is above the melting point. Our results show that this can help with the problem of parts dropping off the bottom side. We have found however, that this not a common practice so profile your boards to make sure the top side solder joints are reaching proper temperatures for the required length of time.

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Video Recording for Reflow | 27 August, 2015


there are people on this forum that do exactly what you need as a business. I know for a fact that detailed video can be made in the oven. I hope these people read you post and reply. May be try to dig in the forum archives and you will find this post.

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Video Recording for Reflow | 28 August, 2015

Thank you all for your advice. You are right this is two sides board, and dropped parts are on bottom side, and it is refered just to very light switches. I am using same temperature setup for top and bottom. What is interesting I am manufacturing this boards on two SMT lines where I am using two different manufactures of reflow ovens (12 heating zones on both lines) and it happens just on one of them despite thermoprofile is the same. The one different that I discovered is different position of support chain that could generate this defect. This panel has a lot of holes so different support position could stuck in those holes. I will try it in next week.

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