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MPM UP2000

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MPM UP2000 | 22 September, 2015

Hi. I have recently purchased a old MPM UP2000. I can not get it print correctly consistently. It goes off after 5 Pcb's and remain that amount off for another 5 Pcb's. Then it goes more off and remain like that for another 5 Pcb's. If you stop and exit , then reload the program, it will go back to its original setting. Once again after 5 Pcb's it will go off. It will be greatly appreciated if anyone can help. Thanks.

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MPM UP2000 | 22 September, 2015

We had 4 of these machines several years ago. If I remember right the drive that aligns the board to the stencil was stepper motors with no encoder feedback. We would see the same issue if our leadscrews and linear rails were not clean and properly lubricated. If they hung up or didn't drive smoothly the alignment would be slightly off until you re-zeroed the machine.


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MPM UP2000 | 24 September, 2015

Check all axis driver card,input supply connector may burn.

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MPM UP2000 | 26 September, 2015


Love these machines, Speedline built about 3500 of them so I have lots to fix. Most issues come down to incorrect use or poor adjustment and alignment. Your description is a little vague, you didn't mention which direction the prints are off, or random. So it could be a variety of different issues. I am assuming you are using the original worknest with all 4 side chucks in place creating a good vacuum box. The first thing and probably the most important is if the PCB is being properly held in place. If there are to many holes in the PCB or it panelized with a lot of routing the PCB is probably shifting. If vacuum hold down is poor, try cleaning the grate in the duct below the table and also inspect the vacuum gate for proper operation. If the shift is in the Y direction its possible the Y axis drive assembly has loosening up. To check this gab the machine frame and try and push and pull it back and forth. If you can feel a shift the mounting screws are loose. There are a number of other potential issues, but need more details. Partially burned driver cards or motors with burn spots, loose or broken couplings, loose camera, haven't taught the fids correctly. Please provide some more details.

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MPM UP2000 | 29 September, 2015

We used to have a UP3000. Long time ago so I'm rusty but isn't there a setting for fid correction that you an program to occur after each board or after 5, 10, etc.? I thought I remembered doing offsets on ours as the camera was a little wacky (old machaine - needed cal) during initial set-up. It would then recheck the fids and do corrections after "X" number of boards depending on what we programmed. Just a way to ensure better alignment instead of relying on x/y stop only. Could it be your machine is applying an offset to fiducial finds after 5 boards?

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MPM UP2000 | 30 September, 2015

SWAG does make a good point. The tool he is talking about is located on setup page 1 in the vision box and is labeled FP Mode (Fine Pitch) mode. BY default the setting is "0" this means that once the machine is put into auto mode the camera or vision probe will look at the board and stencil fids and calculate an alignment. After the first board the vision system will only look at the PCB fids as it knows where the stencil fids are located. The FP Mode setting can be changed and if set to "1" the vision system will look at the stencil every 1th PCB or every board. If set to 2 it will look at every 2nd PCB or boards 1, 3, 5, etc. Set to 3 boards 1, 4, 7, and so on. As with most settings in the process program the purpose of the is to save time by not wasting 10ths of seconds looking at stencil fids. If you're pumping out cell phones this may be critical to through put. If you are running, I'll call it normal speed manufacturing, then set it to "1" for the best possible alignment. FYI A major difference between and UP2000 and a UP3000 is how the PCB is secured. All UP3000/Ultraflex's have Y snugger systems, where the UP2000 uses a vacuum worknest unless it was purchased with Y snuggers.

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MPM UP2000 | 30 September, 2015


Thank you so much for taking the time to help. The machine has Y snuggers and flippers. The Pcb is loading in the center all the time. The driver cards look fine there is no obvious faults on them or partially burned. The machine was not in operation for while. When I switched it on the camera was blur and could not recognize the fiducials properly. The FP mode setting in the setup menu is set to 0. I managed to adjust the camera so tha the board fiducials are clear but the stencil fiducial is still a little blur but the machine recognizes it. When I start production the X axis vision point is )0.138mm after visioning the pcb(the fiducials appear in the centre of the screen) the X axis will move to 0.520mm just before printing and print the board. When I load the next pcb the X axis will return to 0,138mm and inspect the pcb fiducials the it will adjust the X axis to somewhere close to o.520mm and print the board. It will do this consistently for 5 boards. After 5 boards the X axis will not return to 0.138mm it will remain at about 0.520mm and inspect the Pcb. Now the fiducials are off centre but it will still recognize it, adjust the offsets and now the X Axis is about 1.050mm and it will print the board off. it will then return to about 0.520mm before inspecting the next board and it will do this for 5 boards then it will remain at 1.050 and repeat the entire process. it will continue to do this until such time the fiducials are out of range, then it will stop with board model not found. During all of this the board is still loading at the same position every time. All the axis seems to be intact and does not move if I push or pull on them. You can email me directly if you want. I need to adjust camera and I do not have the Service manuals or procedures on how to do so. Thanks.

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MPM UP2000 | 30 September, 2015

Thanks SWAG,

I have checked the FP mode, I am aware of this. I have also worked on this machine some over 10 years ago but not as a service engineer. So I aware of the programming on the machine its just trouble shooting this particular machine is not giving me any joy.


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