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GSM2 spindles Not seen for head

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GSM2 spindles Not seen for head | 25 September, 2015

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope I can get some help since I am at the point where I don't know what to do.

I have a Q block Universal GSM2 having some issues. I am getting an error message that reads. "spindles Not seen for head 1" Here is a little history on this machine.

the machine had the heads removed from the machine and replaced the stop bar timing belts due to a uneven stop bar caused by a stripped belt. which caused the machine to spit the same error. "Spindles not seen for head."

after replacing all spindles stop belts on both heads, the heads were mounted and the machine calibrated. it passed calibration and it was operational, but it had some issues after the calibration, it would not perform nozzle changes, It would try to place the nozzles in the changer but it would leave with them. I tried spindles height calibration as advised by UIC tech support but still continue having the problem. plus during production the message "all spindles safe sensor not seen for head D1" and also "axis head 1 Z position following Error during move absolute command".

We manage to get by with this issues but now is more frequently that before and with more incomplete production. so I decided to adjust the Z home sensor and the safe home sensor. I stared with beam one, adjusted Z home sensor as high as possible until the light turned on and a tightened the screw. I verified by grabbing both sides of the stop bar and moved down to verify that it would shine steady as the stop bar came back up.

I also adjusted the sensors for z home by engaging the stop clutch and moving the stop bar about 30 thousands and aligned the sensors until I saw about 300 on the amplifier display and an orange rectangle illuminated. I also noted that the threshold is about 100. once all the screws were tight, performed zero and no errors. I even ran a dry cycle with that head only with no issues. but after performing the same procedure on the other beam I tried to Zero and what I get is the head that I finished first giving me now the error "spindles not seen for head" The head moves the spindles up and down several times and I can see that the numbers increase and that the orange rectangle illuminates. I lowered the threshold to 50 and still gives me the error despite the orange light being on almost for the duration of this steps.

if anyone has a suggestion it will be appreciated.

thank you in advance.


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GSM2 spindles Not seen for head | 26 September, 2015


just a quick update on this issue. I disabled head 2 on beam 2 which was the second head I worked on, and left only active the head that I had work with first and ran dry cycle with. after disabling the head 2, the machine zeroed with no problems. I should mentioned that I had an issue with one of the clutches being engaged as soon as the machine powered on, I talked to the UIC tech support and I was told that is a bad circuit board. so I removed the circuit board from a spare head I have and made sure to match the jumper settings but it seems to interfere with the zeroing of the other head by having the spindles go up and down and give me error " spindles not seen for head."

does anyone know where can I send my head for repair and also will need it installed and calibrated. I am located in Illinois near O'Hare airport.

thank you for reading.

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GSM2 spindles Not seen for head | 29 September, 2015

Hey, David,

For service, check out 4TechUSA over in Detroit. It's not Chicago, but, you're closer to Detroit up there than I am down here in Houston :)

For your you have access to the UIC Knowledge Base? The first issue I found in there that almost matches what you're saying: Symptom info Main symptom: Machine stops during normal operation Sub symptom(s): Message "All spindles safe not seen" Error code(s): All Spindles Safe not Seen

Cause: Z stop bar cocked

To confirm this cause: Face the FlexJet Head and look at the sensors. The bottom sensor (8th one down) should have green lights all the way across. If it only has a few green LEDs lit, the stop bar is probably cocked (at an angle). Looking at the FlexJet head from the rear, there is a small tube-like sensor on the left side about 2/3 of the way up that detects the Z-stop bar flag. This is the z-home sensor. Check if it is being activated: Open the safety cover, activate the Stop clutch in diagnostics, and manually move the bar up and down by rotating the Z pulley. Make sure the timing belts are not broken and have very little slack in them. (Usually you can see some slack in the left timing belt if the bar is cocked.)

Repair: Adjust Z stop belt timing

Why repair:

How to perform the repair: 1. Ensure that none of the head clutches is engaged keeping the Z stop bar from reaching its full up position. Open the safety cover and turn the Z pulley by hand to make sure that the stop bar is all the way up against its hard-stops. If you are not sure it is, the best way to make sure is to power cycle the machine. 2. Loosen up the right Stop-bar pulley on the shaft (the right side of the FlexJet Head as you're facing it). Do not loosen the Z pulleys at the top right of the head! Just the small Stop-bar pulley. 3. Grab the Z stop bar with both hands (one hand on each side of the head). 4. Push (slide) the stop bar down about an inch and let it go. It should snap up with a nice crisp "pop." 5. Put clockwise tension on the pulley and tighten the screws that lock it to the shaft. Be careful not to strip the screw. 6. Verify that the Stop Brake air gap setting has not changed from .015" per the Flexjet Head maintenance manual. 7. To verify that the stop bar is straight: the z-home sensor should illuminate when the stop bar is at the hard stop. Move the stop bar down approximately 30 thousandths of an inch (you can do this by activating the Stop clutch in diagnostics, and manually rotating the Z pulley), you should see the z-home sensor go off and the z-safe sensor should fully illuminate. If this does not occur try the procedure again. 8. If you are confident that the stop bar is aligned, but you still do not see the sequence of events in step 3, you need to perform z-home sensor setup procedure and z-safe sensor setup procedure. NOTE: the stop bar must be aligned correctly in order to perform the z-home and z-safe sensor setup procedures.

Hope that helps! cheers, ..rob

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GSM2 spindles Not seen for head | 29 September, 2015

Rob,. thank you very much for the reply. I will follow your recommendations and verify that the stop bar is not damaged or misaligned. I will also thank you for the info for the service . I will keep you posted.

Thank you again.


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GSM2 spindles Not seen for head | 30 September, 2015

Hello Rob,

I was able to get the machine to zero, apparently replacing the circuit board on head 2 conflicted with head one even matching the jumper settings to the old board. Once I marked the head as not mounted, head 1 zeroed. I re-checked the jumper settings mounted the head on the software, power cycled the machine one more time and I was able to zero both heads and I also ran a program on dry cycle with no nozzle changes with no problem. I will still contact 4tech to get pricing on service for my machine just to make sure that it will be reliable.

thank you for your help.


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