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MYDATA TM Flex | 30 September, 2015

I am looking to buy a Flexible magazine for a Mydata TP9-UFP

I have seen both TMCFlex and TMDFlex magazines available, does anybody know the difference between the two and whether they are compatible with my machine. I spoke to a Mycronic engineer on the phone and he said they should both be compatible but he didnt sound too confident...

any help would be appreciated

Many thanks

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MYDATA TM Flex | 30 September, 2015

The difference between TMC Flex and TMD Flex is about the ability to feed component tape with deep pockets for larger components. The TMC have a rather low passage for embossed component tape. While TMC Flex is limited to a maximum tape depth of 7,5 mm, the TMD Flex can house up to 10 mm deep pockets (If the Feeder modules supports this, and all modern units do). The TMD Flex can also be set in a mode to allow one of the feeder module positions to accommodate up to 15 mm tape depth.

However, the TMC Flex magazine should be at least 15 years old, so you may want a service technician to have a look at it anyway. And, yes, both should be compatible with your TP9-UFP.

Johan Bergstrom Mycronic R&D

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