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cyber optics 6604098

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cyber optics 6604098 | 4 November, 2015

Any idea where I can get a Cyber Optics model 6604098? It is used in Philips / Assembleon / Yamaha machines. Any help will be highly appreciated

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cyber optics 6604098 | 5 November, 2015

Have you called cyber-obitics yet?

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cyber optics 6604098 | 5 November, 2015

I found this supplier and several others from China. So far very bad experience, one sent a broken unit, another required bank transfer and only after it was received he claimed he tested the only unit in stock and found it was defective. I was very lucky both refunded the payments.

It seems very strange that none of the companies selling spare parts don't have this very common part.

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cyber optics 6604098 | 9 November, 2015

Hi, we use Eric from QY in China for repairing our Yamaha/Assembleon and Juki Lasers. We must have sent 15-20 in the last 2 years and they do a good job.

Contact details:

Hope that helps, Rob.

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