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Disassembling a Fuji CP4-2

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Disassembling a Fuji CP4-2 | 16 November, 2015

I am about to disassemble a Fuji CP4-2 chip shooter machine and I was wondering what are the most valuable parts that I should save and maybe put up for sale. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of storage space, so I have to throw many of the bigger parts away.

I heard that the Fuji Flexa software is something I should save, but does anyone have any ideas how much is it worth and what Fuji machines could benefit from this?

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Disassembling a Fuji CP4-2 | 17 November, 2015

Nothing in that machine is very valuable. We totally scrapped 3 of them.

Not sure on the software but I would guess that it's not something you could not sell due to software licensing BS.

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Disassembling a Fuji CP4-2 | 18 November, 2015

Send me a copy. You can find my address at

regards sarason

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Disassembling a Fuji CP4-2 | 20 November, 2015

I am looking below parts of CP4-2. 1)1P150E-24-2 3)2MMB500U-01-1 3)3MMB50-4-1 4)4P300E-05-1 5)CACR-SR03BC IKS-Y264-1 6)CACR-SR10BC 1KS-Y262-1 7)CACR-SR44 BC 1BF-Y279-1

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