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Data acquisition through USB

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Data acquisition through USB | 19 November, 2015

Hello.. I am assigned to work on Data acquisition through FT232R USB UART IC. How the data can be received through the hyperterminal in the PC.

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Data acquisition through USB | 20 November, 2015

Hyperterminal is a standard Windows assessory located in the "Communications" folder.Here are some steps of data received through the hyperterminal in the PC. (1)Connect your device with your system through RS-232 cable or USB-to-Serial adapter and check whether it’s connected successfully or not. (2)Open device manager and check for COM ports , it get assigned a COM port or not. See below screen shot. (3)Note down the “COM port number” as we will require it. (4)Check user manuals or other reference documents related to your hardware. (5)Extract the downloaded “hypertermina.rar” file in your system, open the “Hyper terminal” folder and double click on hyper terminal application.Then Insert a name for the connection andSelect your “COM” i.e Serial port. (6)By default you wont see the character you type,but if want to see the character you type that is going to received by your device then you have to click on ‘properties’. (7)If you want to receive a file from your device the click on ‘settings’, then select ‘Receive file’ option. and Choose the receiving protocol whatever your device support. (8)If you want to send a file , then select “Send file” option and sending protocol. (9)Similarly you can capture the text and save it in a file. (10)Putty is much more than a simple serial port communication tool.

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Data acquisition through USB | 20 November, 2015


How to get the header files or protocols of FT232R UART chip??

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Data acquisition through USB | 20 November, 2015

When detected, a PCB with an FTDI FT232 IC will install drivers on the host PC and it will appear as a standard serial port. You can transfer data over it in the same way you would any other serial port,you can also inerface with it using FTDI's own library -if you want to do that go and read the documentation.

Hyperterminal was designed to communicate using modem communication protocols hence it has all sorts of built in commands for sending and receiving files etc. This has nothing to do with an FT232 chip or serial communication beyond the fact Modem's used to be connected to serial ports.There are no 'protocols' embdded in the FT232 To send/receive data from a computer to an embedded device that has an ft232 usb inerface on it you will need code on the embedded device that handles communication AND a protocol that you get to define yourself. On the PC side you want something that talks to a serial port. Personally I like the COM Port Toolkit but there are plenty of others. Once you/your team are happy communcation works well and you have a suitable protocol for the data you want to transfer you can simply write your own software to do this. Unless you use their D2XX drivers your code will look exactly the same as any other code you might write for serial communication and google is your friend.

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