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BGA pad design

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BGA pad design | 27 November, 2015

I just encountered a BGA design were in, underneath the BGA is a silkscreen that covered the entire bottom of the component except for the copper pads. Can you give any information and advice for this type of design.

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BGA pad design | 30 November, 2015 such as this? Which handily also tells you what you might want to google.

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BGA pad design | 2 December, 2015

Thanks for the link.

Their is a white silkscreen underneath the BGA instead of a green soldermask. Attached is a picture of the BGA. Does these affect the solderability for the component.


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BGA pad design | 4 December, 2015

In PCB design, a BGA (Ball Grid Array) package typically determines the number of layers that a Printed Circuit Board should have. However, the 4-layer board with a BGA package is commonly used than a 2-layer than an 8-layer PCB. On the other hand, the silkscreen specifies the painted graphics that are to appear on a PCB by covering the entire part except for the copper pads. Moreover, a silverscreen layer is bright thus it provides contrast for faster PCB assembly.

A topside silkscreen is the most commonly used design although a bottom side silkscreen is still used. The bottom-side silkscreen is used if the PCB has components that should be soldered on the bottom-side. As a result, the aesthetic features of the PCB are preserved. This design is rarely used compared to the topside silkscreen method. When using the bottomside, care should be taken not put via hole within a surface mount pad.

For more query on BGA

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BGA pad design | 4 December, 2015

You say that there is no green solder mask around the lands of the BGA only silk screen. If that is the case I would be concerned about the solderabilty of the component if the silk screen gets onto the pads. The application of solder mask is much more precise than is the application of silk screen. I would ask the customer or designer to reconsider using silk screen rather than solder mask. BR, Mac

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BGA pad design | 27 January, 2016

Thanks alot for the info

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