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Siplace X

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Siplace X | 30 November, 2015

Are there any Siplace users out there that have any experience of the latest "smart feeders" for X series (version 3 I think, with built in handle and LED´s instead of LCD display) I am specifically interested to get input on any issues experienced with the functionality and especially any static discharge problems with components jumping out of pockets.

With thanks James

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Siplace X | 26 August, 2016

component jumping should not be the issue cause u can play with the indexing speed.. overall i give 9/10

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Siplace X | 30 August, 2016

Component jumping is usually result from wrong tape/pocket. X-feeder is very solid - good quality.

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Siplace X | 26 September, 2016

Dear James, How are you? I remember that you found the solution to calibrate the Siplace X feeders last year. Did you get the way? I'm also want to know how to calibrate the feeders. Could you please teach us the way to calibrate Siplace X feeders? Thanks and best regards, Sophy

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Siplace X | 18 January, 2017

Hi James,(Apologies for the long post) If you are still having this problem there is a solution that you can try. If on a paper carrier the black support / insert can be modified. the insertion of a cylinder magnet can hold the component down at "fast" speed. We had this problem on our high speed placement cells and ASM provided this solution - I believe it is now available as an option, and from memory there may be an ASM p/n for it. we were able to reverse all of the "special" handling @ gf & feeder that we had tried. Our P.U.R went from 12% (yes 12%!) to <0.1% almost instantly. Once the handling and nozzle changes were reversed we also benefited from the increases in CPH. You could enquire form your local support? Munich should certainly be able to assist as the solution came from there. Have you tried the 2nd (Rear) tape guide - this was designed to peel the tape earlier and the remaining portion of the tape cover "holds the parts down. *Disclaimer* you will have to complete your own risk assessments for any potential magnetic interference for you own products, and THIS solution down not work with recess/pocketed carrier tapes as the insert cant be used. For the record we did try every other option with no success.

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