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Soltec 6622cc fault

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Soltec 6622cc fault | 3 December, 2015

Hi has anyone had a fault with a soltec deltawave model 6622cc were the following functions all turn off for no reason Preheat zone1 and 2 the fluxer and the solder wave pump this has been happening for the last couple of weeks and seems to be getting more frequent all these functions turn off at the same time and while the machine is in normal production. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Bill

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Soltec 6622cc fault | 4 December, 2015

Never have had that happen. Is it turning off in the software, or tripping a cb in the electrical compartment? Is your timer setup somehow effecting it, not sure how it would, but it's worth looking at. Have you tried talking to Vitronics?

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Soltec 6622cc fault | 9 January, 2016

Bill, Did you ever get this issue resolved? Electrovert is more my cup of tea, but I have completed a couple of pot replacements on the Vitronics waves. I remember on one machine after the retrofit the we were testing the machine and everything dropped out as you described. One of the pot switches was shorting out as we moved it. If I remember correctly (not looking at the schematic) 24VDC controls all these functions. Your most likely have a sensor or low voltage control that is drawing down the control voltage and shutting of the different sub systems. Good luck!

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