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CSM 84VZ and Format DISCK

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CSM 84VZ and Format DISCK | 9 December, 2015

Hello, I am a new user of the machine CSM84VZ III and learn to program. After formatting a disc machine lost all settings(I did not know that the settings are on the disc), most of which I have already set. Now I have a problem such that when I try to learning pick up component there show error "Check fider, check pressure, check cover". This error occurs when it is installed fider and interrupted the laser beam - but without fider I can't teach pick up components. I remember that when taking origin is shows this falure, but in the manual mode or learning moude I could move his arm.

Should anything else be set in the machine? Does anyone of you picture a disc from which the CSM is moving?

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CSM 84VZ and Format DISCK | 17 December, 2015

Ask this question at

There are a few CSM users their.


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