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Oven Help | 11 December, 2015

I have an Conceptronics HVA102 that is displaying all "0s" in all zones. I tried a new mobo and power supply and it worked for a short time. However, after restart, the problem came back. I also tried reseating and cleaning all connectors and cards. CVD equipment does not stock special function cards, I/O cards, or controller cards; so I can't swap those to troubleshoot.

I'm realizing that I may have to buy a new oven due to the age of this current machine (1995). Can anyone make recommendations. Vitronics vs Heller? My requirements are:

1. 7+ zones

2. Convection

3. Good technical support

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Oven Help | 14 December, 2015

We have a two Heller ovens, 1707EXL (2006) and 1707MK III (2014). We use them for lead and lead-free reflow soldering including all the tricky components such as BGAs. You may want to go with 8 or 9 zones if you are running high volume but a 7 zone oven will do everything you need for low to mid range volume and cost less.

As for technical support.....I have rarely used tech support because the ovens are rock solid. As long as you do the normal maintenance on them they run without any problems.

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Oven Help | 14 December, 2015

We have 5 XPM2's-XPM3I's, All 10 zone. Our oldest being 9+ years old and our newest being 8 months. All have been very reliable, PM maintenance is not complicated but can be time consuming. I have nothing to compare it to as my only experience is Vitronics. Biggest problem I've encountered over the years is over temp switches failing. very easy to isolate, easy to replace, bottom side are a pain to get to. Must disconnect chains and remove rails, however you can temporarily bypass the effected zone, I will usually order 10 and do them all once I have a couple go bad, I have not seen these failures on our 3I's only the 2 older XPM2's, maybe they fixed the issue. Support is top notch, phone and on site.

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