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Reflow Solder REsults

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Reflow Solder REsults | 13 January, 2016

We are experiencing a few issues every now and then with acceptable reflow results? We have changed solder paste, thus reflow profile types and even reflow ovens but we still seem to get some not so good reflow on certain pcbs. We can even take PCBs that are the same physical size and weight and 1 reflows flawlessly and the other has dull, seemingly not completely reflowed solder joints? I have some guesses about this issue but no real smoking gun. I would welcome any and all responses to this question as I am not winning this battle currently.

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Reflow Solder REsults | 13 January, 2016

What surface finish are you using on the bare PCBs? ENIG, Silver, OSP, Leadfree HASL, etc.?

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Reflow Solder REsults | 14 January, 2016

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Reflow Solder REsults | 14 January, 2016

Do you have pictures? it may caused by the unproper temperature or pads or the adjacent copper plane or other reasons.

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