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MPM HiE E00900 Fault

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MPM HiE E00900 Fault | 21 January, 2016

I have the Error message E00900 i have checked the troubleshoot and it says to check SP1 XP6 and Y1 i have checked SP1 its ok, Relay XP6 seems ok Y1 i dont know where it is located

here is the error "Air Pressure Fault" any help would be greatly appreciated

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MPM HiE E00900 Fault | 25 January, 2016

SP1 is a bi-metal spring loaded switch or the "air fault" switch on the main air manifold that detects the presence of an appreciate amount of air being supplied to the machine. Air pressure overcomes the adjustable spring and closes the contacts. The two wires or contacts(pin 1 and 4)are closed and the "common" signal is passed to the I/O card. Note; there is no power (vdc) on these wires. A quick test of the circuit would be to put both wires in the same connection or just twist them together. If the I/O indicator and the I/O page in the software display a yellow box the circuit is working. The two most common failures for this error is that SP1 has failed or is misadjusted or the Dump valve (Y1) is failing. If the dump valve doesn't react quick enough when actuated during boot up there will be insufficient air to the system. To set the proper air setting on SP1 there is a white adjustment (flat tip screwdriver) on the device; set the main air in to 60psi and then adjust SP1 to give the air fault at the 60spi setting. I suggest adjusting SP1 to a point of passing with low air pressure and then set main air to 60spi and then adjust SP1 up to the set point, otherwise you will keep getting air faults while adjusting.

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