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SM421 Vision problem

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SM421 Vision problem | 2 February, 2016


We are currently having a problem with the output of the cameras in our SM421, the fault we are seeing is a flickering across only the 6 flycam cameras (this is causing SM vision to not correctly reference the parts) We have tried: Swapping the flycam I/O Swapping the vision I/O cleaning contacts and connectors relevant. the problem remains, fiducial cam and fixed cam do not have the same fault. Has anyone got any recommendations or seen anything similar?

Regards Adam

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SM421 Vision problem | 3 February, 2016

Hello Adam,

One of our customers had a similar issue with the SM421 I believe the fix was replacing the camera.

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Good luck with your camera issue


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SM421 Vision problem | 22 March, 2016

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Best Wishes Anna

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SM421 Vision problem | 25 March, 2016

Hello, I had similar problem. We replaced the cameras as well as lighting. You can try replacing the cable, which sometimes can give you similar problems.

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SM421 Vision problem | 27 March, 2016

replace the cable, this happens when cable is broken

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SM421 Vision problem | 9 April, 2016

actually there will be internal damage on the cable resulting from frequent move during production,which is not visible,

but in normal case either the camera or the control board or the cable has problem,

Camera and control board could be repaired by the third party,but a bit difficult to repair well the cable,

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