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GSM1 not performing fiducial PEC?

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GSM1 not performing fiducial PEC? | 7 March, 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm about 90% to running production on my gsm but I'm not able to get the machine to look at fiducial marks and make corrections to the placement. When I run advanced board configuration and seek to the first fiducial the pec camera travels to the location shown in the photo (just below the mark about 0.050". I manually adjust to center of the mark then Accept and move to the next mark which aligns off about the same amount. I correct that and Accept the location. The machine gives a message stating these alignments will be used for corrections. I then pass the board out of the machine and attempt to run production. The machine just goes straight to picking parts and placing them without any fiducial recgnition attempts. All the parts are placed out of position by the amount shown when I first attempted fiducial alignment in the photo attached. The machine configuration setup does not have correction off selected. I feel like I'm missing something but I can't figure it out yet.


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GSM1 not performing fiducial PEC? | 8 March, 2016

Make sure that your fiducials are selected to be used for global correction.

I've had this problem with our machine running OS2, and in the UI for that, you have to select the fiducials in the fid screen, and then there's a menu option to select them for global correction. Once that's set, it should go to checking them on every board.

Cheers, ..rob

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GSM1 not performing fiducial PEC? | 8 March, 2016

Yes, that was the issue. Parts are on the pads now. Thanks!

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