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Selective Solder Program Transfer

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Selective Solder Program Transfer | 7 April, 2016

My company purchased a preowned EBSO SPA 400-F selective solder machine awhile back. I have been trying to transfer a program I made using the EBSO offline editor, but I cannot seem to communicate with the machine using my desktop. I have a serial cable running from the desktop to the serial 'com' port of the selective solder (the com port on the lower right, on the outside). I've tested the com port on the computer to make sure it actually works and it does.

So first I start up the selective solder and use the touch panel on the EBSO to select the transfer option on the loader menu. Then it says 'connecting to host...' with a progress bar which doesn't move. On the desktop I do have the software open with the program I made. I clicked on Edit > Program and then the send button which brings me to a blank screen which I assume shows a log of what it is sending. It is blank however.

I am wondering if there is something I am missing that needs to be done to transfer the program over. Anyone have any experience doing this, or a reason why it is not transferring?

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Selective Solder Program Transfer | 30 November, 2016

i have a SPA 250, it has serial connector but uses RS485. only 2 pins of serial connector are in use. it is very likely that this is the case with SPA 400. there are some settings in offline editor, if you havent fixed it yet i can send you some pictures of our setup.

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Selective Solder Program Transfer | 1 December, 2016

Hello. A-Tek is the distributor for EBSO Selective Soldering machines. If you could provide me with your serial number and contact information I can have one of our service engineers contact you for support. My email is

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Selective Solder Program Transfer | 1 December, 2016

Hello - A-Tek is the distributor for the EBSO equipment. You can reach technical support at 970-532-5100.

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