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Quad 4C nozzle changer

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Quad 4C nozzle changer | 1 June, 2016

I have 3 used Quad 4Cs and the nozzle changer on one machine never worked. I decided to troubleshoot it this week. I repaired the changer by changing a defective optical sensor but I still get error 17 when I try a run-step nozzle 1, 2 or 3. Error 17 is when the changer does not open (the solonoid is not activated). When the machine is reset, the changer solenoid does work. I tried swapping out the changer controller board with one from another machine. It works in the other machine but the working one from the other machine does not solve the problem in my defective Quad (same with the nozzle changer). Is there a mod code or fucntion that I am missing? Also there are switches activated by plungers under the feeder racks, Have they anything to do with this? Thanks in advance for the help.

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Quad 4C nozzle changer | 1 June, 2016

I answered my own question. The nozzle changer was in the left front, moving it to the left back fixes the problem.

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