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DRY SOLDER ISSUE | 22 June, 2016

we face the problem to last month dry solder issue.when we found PCB is dry. (PTH not fill not properly)then we change the parameter like flux Tank pressure increase 130 to 250. after these activity PCB is ok no dry solder found......but problem is our standard parameter 130 not 250. plz suggest to me how to control this problem and wt is main issue

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DRY SOLDER ISSUE | 23 June, 2016

Could be a partially clogged nozzle. Try disassembling the nozzle and thoroughly cleaning it. If that doesn't fix it, see if there are any blockages in your plumbing. If you can't find any blockages, it could be your pressure sensor.

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DRY SOLDER ISSUE | 24 June, 2016

Tell us more ...

Have you checked the density of your flux? How old is the flux?

Is this a spray or a foam fluxer? What type of maintenance is being done?

Do you get good hole fill with the the tank pressure of 130 on other boards?

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DRY SOLDER ISSUE | 1 July, 2016

Dear sir, how check the pressure sensor its software baseed.

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DRY SOLDER ISSUE | 1 July, 2016

Borrow a gauge from one of the lines from your air compressor and add it into the line to your fluxer

Go get um

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DRY SOLDER ISSUE | 1 July, 2016

its spray fluxer we deassemble the nozzle clean and reassamble again. flux tank also clean with IPA. ya same problem in all product plz find the attachments about flux

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