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Mirae 1030 Y-Axis error

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Mirae 1030 Y-Axis error | 18 August, 2016

We have a Mirae 1030 and when the machine warms up the y-axis fails and we are unable to reset servos unless we leave machine powered down few hours. Now since we have changed servos after machine homes we jog the y-axis and it vibrates and very noisy


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Mirae 1030 Y-Axis error | 22 August, 2016

More than likely the encoder scale or read head has an issue. Many times.. oil/dirt/water get on the scale and cause a bad spot or bad area. Try to clean the scale with a lint free cloth and alcohol. You should also be able to see the read head and most times it will have an led on it that should be green if its reading the scale (red if bad). If the led is not on the could be on the plug end next to the magnets. The read head could also need adusted or the scale replaced if its bad enough.

good luck, Bob

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