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MPM Momentum Vision issue

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MPM Momentum Vision issue | 26 August, 2016

Hi, anybody facing the vision 'off' error when using MPM Momentum ?? i change the purple vision cable but still facing the same issue.. the image go black when camera moving for searching fiducial.. any ideas ??

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MPM Momentum Vision issue | 28 August, 2016

I don't think there is a camera off message in the software, but I might be wrong. So I am making a bit of an assumption here that you didn't have a displayed image and your error was a fiducial not found error. I am also wondering if you decided to change the purple cable or tech support told you to do it? To help you troubleshoot let me just tell you how it works. Unlike previous MPM models the Momentum series and Accela platforms use a digital camera that communicates with the computer/software through a 'purple' high flex USB cable. If the USB cable starts to breakdown the common error is a "camera 0" meaning that the machine camera has lost communications with the computer. I would estimate that about 90% of the time the failure is with the purple USB cable. Sometimes it is the camera wafer board and sometimes it is the computer USB port. Speedline had some issues with failed CPU USB ports for a while so they were sending out USB3 interface cards to install in the PC to fix damaged ports. NOTE: if you switch the cable to a different port, you need to know how to poll the camera for serial number or the device will not work. The camera end of the USB cable also plugs into the flash master card which is attached to the vision probe. Both the upper and lower flash cubes (LED arrays) are strobed by the signal from the flash master card. The strobing happens at the same time the digital camera attempts to capture the image. Another issue that could very likely be your problem is that the system is working properly but you do not have enough light to illuminate the PCB fiducial. Most Momentums are sent out with a magenta colored lower LED array which puts out very little light, but adds gray scale definition for 2D and bridge detection. It's actually the square "ring light" with white LED's that provides most of the light for the PCB picture. If this ring light is damaged or covered with solder paste you will not have enough light to recognize the fiducial. I hope this information helps.

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MPM Momentum Vision issue | 30 August, 2016

Very good explanation.. yep.. after 4 set of vision cable and a new usb3 port, the problem solve.. seems like the purple cable were the root cause ..

The 1st cable on marginal pass failed but not shown the "camera 0" error and we still can poll the camera data succesfully.. weird right..

after 3 set of cable, then the cpu show us the usb port intermittently conn error..

anyway.. problem solve.. found the root cause.. and thank you for ur help.. really appreciate it..

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