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Dek 248.cerd

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Dek 248.cerd | 8 October, 2016

Dek 248.cerd tooling table stuck in the up position,any one can help. Thanks, Tom

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Dek 248.cerd | 11 October, 2016

When I had this problem on the DEK 248, the problem was the table up/down sensors on the motor. You can see if there is a problem in the maintenance mode in the inputs screen. They can be adjusted by loosening off the screws and moving the sensor until they are on when down or on when up, but they should not both be on at the same time.

Good Luck Murray

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Dek 248.cerd | 12 October, 2016

Could certainly be sensors; does table (attempt to?) move out upon machine initialization? Or could be bridge driver (on board) or motor.


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