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MPM 2000

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MPM 2000 | 17 October, 2016

i have a MPM2000 now giving me 0 - hardware limit warnings..let me start off by saying that is was giving me x axis limit problems, so i replaced the x card with diff card. set all the switch and jumpers to x card , then i got 0- hardware . so then i put back in the old card and now get the same 0- hardware. it starts to reset till it gets to doing x axis the error comes up. any help would be great

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MPM 2000 | 8 November, 2016

Tom, Hardware limit means the machine thinks it is at the limit sensor or a particular axis timed out before it got to the home sensor during the reset sequence. Go to your O/I map and see if any of the axis limit sensors are lit. You could have a faulty sensor input that is inhibiting the motion of the axis. With power off have you tried physically pushing most of the machine axis to different positions and then starting the machine? Is this machine a Non-HiE machine? if so it has 2 channel motion control and there will be an interface board sitting directly behind the PC. Shut off the machine and reseat the connectors on this PCB and clean the area of any solder paste debris. Also reseat the ribbon cables going to and from the PC motion and I/O cards. If you are familiar with the calibrate logon go there; do not reset the machine just go to the "calibrate" pulldown menu and select each axis one at time and you will see some buttons pop up at the bottom of the screen. Select jog and move the selected axis back and forth if possibly. Do this for all axis and take note if one or more axis fail to move or only move in one direction. Note!!!!!! IN CALIBRATE MODE YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE MACHINE, NO LIMITS! BE CAREFUL NOT TO CRASH IT

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MPM 2000 | 10 November, 2016

I recently had a similar problem on our 2000Hie, although ours was a 7-Hardware, Vision X. Turns out there was a short/break in the 3-wire harness that controls the Vision X Stepper. The difficulty came from the fact that this particular harness is in an articulating loom, and the short would only occur at certain points along the travel. Not sure if this is your issue, but considering how big of a PITA this was to troubleshoot, it might be worth looking into.

Best, -a

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