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Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction

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Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction | 18 October, 2016

Hello. Our company recently bought a Samsung CP40V pick and place machine. It works very well, the software is intuitive but we have one problem. Is there a way to manually set fiducial position after machine failed to recognize it? For example, during production we supply the machine with PCB with damaged fiducial (partially etched away, broken etc.). After it fails to detect it, is there a way to manually set it's position?

I would be grateful for any help. Thanks, Martin.

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Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction | 5 November, 2016

You would be better off setting a new fiducial using a pad or other feature that would serve that purpose. If the board has not etched correctly, it is better to bad mark it and not use that board on a panel. Safer in the long run as it may have other problems that turn into a heap of extra cost in service/support etc. Penny Wise, Pound Foolish.

regrads sarason

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Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction | 6 November, 2016

Hello. Thank you for your answer. Yes, you are right. It would be best to badmark those boards. But we, as a small contract assembler, can't throw away a 1/5 of client boards just because of damaged fiducials. Using pads and other features as fiducials is good idea (and we use it), but sadly it doesn't help much when dealing with bad quality HASL finish.

Regards, m

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Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction | 25 January, 2017

When the fiducial fails, the machine stops with the crosshairs near the fid that couldn't be read. On the CP45 you just jog to the center and tell it use the position you just navigated to. (the manual correction).

I believe the cp40 is the's been a while since I used a cp40 so your mileage may vary.


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Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction | 26 January, 2017

Hi. Thanks for the reply. If i remember correctly, there aren't any crosshairs displayed when the machine stops. Last time I used it, I tried jogging it to another position after the error but couldn't do it. I'll try it again when i will get a chance.

Thanks for your help, m

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Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction | 3 February, 2017

Got the info I needed. For future reference - it can't be done. CP40CV does not have an option to manually correct the fiducial position.

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