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Thinking of Led lamp and resistor

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Thinking of Led lamp and resistor | 28 October, 2016

I read a few posts here about resistor in led applications. The thing is, the resistor has clarified as this shows:was always use with a power source delivering a higher forward voltage than the led could tolerate(ex: a 9volt battery hook up to a 3w 3v led).But what about a power source that the voltage can be adjusted to fit the led? My science courses are long gone behind me so I want to make sure my project doesn't explode on my face ;).

Right now I'm building a led lamp for a photography project using a 400w 36V 11A Single Output Switching power supply AC to DC SMPS which has a voltage adjuster so I can go from 32.4 to 39.6V. I'm using 168 3w Leds for my lamp, with a voltage rating of 3.2 to 3.4V and 700mA of current. I hooked up 12 leds in series so I can put 36v to them and not pushing them too hard. I have 14 series of 12 leds in parallels. The leds are soldered to a copper board that I cleaned with acid with the proper circuit to have 14 series of 12 leds in parallels.

My question is do I need to include resistors for safety let say a led in a series dies so it doesn't blow up the rest of the led in that series? Is it possible to put a resistor at the end of each series or I need to put a resistor after every led?

I took some measurements:

-The lamp is drawing approximately 4A at the power supply which I find odd since it should draw more power if the led are supposed to draw 700mA

-Power supply is pushing 36V precisely

-Measurements at the led give me 3v as it should

Maybe I'm wrong here but normally to calculate a resistor resistance you have to do R= V/I so 36V-(3V*12)= 0/.7A =0R

But the thing that is bugging me is the power supply is rated for 11A which is more of what the leds should take. Why my concern for a resistor somewhere in my lamp design.

Thanks for the help! I hope my explanations are clear enough!

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