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BTU VIP70 help

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BTU VIP70 help | 28 October, 2016

Hi everyone,

We just picked up an old VIP70 oven and it is in need of more maintenance than we were told when we bought it so I'm working on a few issues.

The main thing right now is linking the FCU controller to the PC. I've tried using both serial ports on the PC (com 1 & 2) but it will not link. The oven powers up, stack lights all turn on, alarm starts beeping and blower motors start but that's about it.

Also, I don't have a software manual (just maintenance manual) so I don't know the default user names. The BTU program only opens in basic access and I can't make any changes or even acknowledge alarms. If anyone know these defaults or has a copy they could share that would be great.

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BTU VIP70 help | 28 October, 2016

Found a broken wire in the data line and I thought that was it for sure but was not. Checked continuity of the data cable and it is ok now but still no comm.

The embedded controller status window shows "send failures" but no "reply failures."

Wincon version 1.05a with 3615 controller.

Haven't been able to get around the default user problem either.

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BTU VIP70 help | 2 November, 2016

Problem was bad FCU board; replaced with FCU from another machine and swapped rom chips. Oven operates properly and communicates with PC.

BTU was kind enough to supply the default usernames and passwords for wincon but they did not work. Still waiting for them to advise if our version of wincon still exists...

I got a quote on an upgrade to Intellimax controller but it is much more than I had read elsewhere on this forum so it would be great if we could get this working with the original fcu for a while before we have to go that route.

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BTU VIP70 help | 10 December, 2016

Hi Tom, We have a Paragon 150 with the FCU board problem. We are thinking about finding another board and swapping it . Did you get the ROM chips from BTU when you swapped the FCU board? Appreciate any advice. Thank you.


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BTU VIP70 help | 10 December, 2016

Hi Ray,

BTU was not too helpful with me because we bought the machine second (probably third or fourth) hand. I bought some FCU's from Ed at Assured Technical Services ( and a hard drive that had the Wincon software we needed. If it weren't for Ed our oven wouldn't be running today so we are grateful to him. BTU told me they had v2.0 of my software (I was seeking 1.05) then never responded when I asked to buy it.

I would think you could find the same FCU board and just swap the rom chips (or if you find one with newer version roms they may work ok with your software.)

BTU wants $12k for an upgrade to the Intellimax controller which just didn't make sense on a VIP70 IMO. If it was more affordable we probably would have done it. I don't know what your situation is like but we're a small company that couldn't afford this equipment any other way than used with a little repair work.

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