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MPM UP500 blowing power supplies

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MPM UP500 blowing power supplies | 27 November, 2016

Our UP500 has been running great for a few months then the AC/DC 5/12/24V power supply stopped working and the PC could not communicate with the cage. The PC screen also got very noisy.

We replaced the power supply with a used replacement and the machine initialized fine the day before; we came back this morning to run it and when we powered it up the same thing happened. We checked the AC into the power supply and it is 208V. There is no DC output from any of the channels on the power supply.

Has anyone seen this before? We're quoting new multi-output supplies, and we're also considering independent DIN power supplies of sufficient wattage but we're not sure how that might go either.

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MPM UP500 blowing power supplies | 29 November, 2016

I was able to repair the original power supply for the printer again with parts from another similar power supply on ebay.

At first the machine didn't power up properly even though the supply voltages were all good on a volt meter when tested before installing back into the machine. The 24V led's on the cage just flickered dimly and no other led's lit.

I removed the lift table amplifier power 24v+ lead from the power supply and the machine powered up the control cage normally but the lift table didn't work on initialization (of course.)

I powered the machine down and re-connected lift table lead and it became fully operational like normal. We ran the machine all evening without a problem but I'm not sure if it will start up again each day at this point.

Could there be some issue with the lift table amplifier that is intermittent and shorting out the power supply? If the power supply fails again our plan B is to try standard din rail power supplies instead of this modular power supply.

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MPM UP500 blowing power supplies | 30 November, 2016

OK, so went to power up again today and had the same kind of issues. The 24V and 5V lights on the cage flicker dimly about every 500ms.

I tried my trick of disconnecting the +24v lead to the lift table amp and it acted the same, so it didn't work this time. Next I re-connected that lead and disconnected the +5V lead from the supply. This time the cage powered up but without 5V. I re-connected the +5v lead and everything was working normally. I power cycled it several times without a problem.

I then let it sit a few hours and came back to power up and again it was in the same strange condition. Disconnecting the 5V lead and reconnecting it resolved the problem again.

I'm not really sure what could be happening at this point other than some issue with the power supply not initializing correctly. Any one with insight on this please chime in with your thoughts.

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MPM UP500 blowing power supplies | 1 December, 2016

I decided to replace the psu with three din supplies since it was a repeatable issue with the 5v rail. Machine is back in operation now with no signs of problems.


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