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Shop Floor WIP Control

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Shop Floor WIP Control | 22 December, 2016

Can anyone recommend a simple WIP control system (software) that I can use with scanners on the production floor, to track PCBs through the assembly process and to collect repair and inspection date?

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Shop Floor WIP Control | 29 December, 2016

We use Access database. Works well but you have to custom build everything you want to track as it's not specifically designed for electronics mfg. You need someone in house who's good with that stuff.

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Shop Floor WIP Control | 23 January, 2017


We have simple solution (based on dotNet Framework and SQL Server) that allows you to collect production and quality data, to control process including WIP and to generate reports (including build-in reports).

Do you want more information? Contact me by email:

Best Regards, Alexei

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