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Question on electrical tape

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Question on electrical tape | 27 December, 2016

If this topic is not in line with this forum then please feel free to remove it.

Let me start by sating I am a 3M fan. There has not been a 3M product that I have ever thought that I was not happy with the way it preformed, and I have used many 3M products throughout my career.

Now that said, I ran across “Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88”. I was thinking about buying a 5-pack and saw that the price was $35. Is this tape worth $6 more dollars per roll that the stuff I pick up at the discount tool shop for a buck a roll? What more do I get for the extra money? I do not have a problem paying more for a quality product, I’m just not sure how much different it could possibly be? It is black on one side, sticky on the other. Insulates against the flow of electricity.

I am excited to hear your thoughts

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Question on electrical tape | 2 January, 2017

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