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machining durastone pallets

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machining durastone pallets | 7 February, 2017

Can anyone recommend starting points for feeds and speeds in machining durastone pallet material using a CNC routertable?

Cutter suggestions as well.

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machining durastone pallets | 8 February, 2017

I would recommend getting someone else to do it, like a specialist (Global Datum or other), as it makes a frightful mess. The world is littered with machine shops that have machined Durastone once.

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machining durastone pallets | 8 February, 2017

From my notes ... "Durastone is some of the nastiest material i have ever worked with, first of all i will suggest using a mask and long sleeve shirts and don't do anything to try to get the fiber glass out of your body... take a cold shower and sleep it off. After some years of working with it you will get used to it. Lol. Well I think about 150 SFM its the recommended. But I got my own theories. If using a 1/2 carbide endmill, try 450rmp at a 25-35 ipm, but it all depends on how you are holding your material. 1/4 endmill 950rmp with 15ipm that should give you an idea. If you have any more questions be more specific in what you need to know and I’ll see if I can guide you in the right direction." [tribal_143]

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machining durastone pallets | 9 February, 2017

Agreed. We machine all our pallets in coolant. No dust but a big mess still results in the bottom of the CNC. You'll burn through a thousand cutters if you try it on a router table. Just doesn't seem feasible. You'd have to take like 0.020" depth cuts at a feed rate of 1" per hour in order to save your cutter. If there are any features we machine outside the CNC, we use a filtered vacuum. It'll make your face itch for 2 days. So, if you do decide to take a whack at it, get a big filtered vacuum and have someone hold the nozzle while you run it. Also, where a respirator and a long rain coat or something you can spray off after you get done working with that stuff. FYI you can cut it to size on a table saw but won't be accurate enough for conveyors I guarantee that. Need finish machining and "squaring-up" without a doubt.

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